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Blockchain security audit and
development service provider.

About Us

We are a group of ex-top 5 blockchain security firm auditors based all over the world. Our goal is to enhance the security of blockchain projects by conducting thorough high-quality audits using state-of-the-art tools.

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First-Class Security

Security Audits

We conduct a thorough line-by-line security audit of your project ensuring it conforms to the latest standards and is immune to both common and uncommon attack vectors, utilizing an extensive suite of tools in the process, such as Slither, Surya, Echidna and more.

Static Analysis & Manual Review

System Abstraction & Cross-Contract Analysis

EIP & DeFi Integration Validation

Complex Attack Detection (Flash Loan, Oracle

Manipulation & more)

Code Optimization

All our audit reports are accompanied by a section dedicated to potential gas optimizations, codebase simplifications, and overall style enhancements that lead to a reduction in the overall gas cost of the project as well as increase in legibility by coders and users alike.

EVM Aware Optimizations

Storage / Memory Fine Tuning

Function & ACL Abstractions

Mathematical Simplifications

Tight-Packing Suggestions

Collaborative Development

We provide curated development services for many types of commonly sought-after features such as DeFi exchanges, complex ERC20 tokens, bonding curves and more with security first and foremost, accompanied by extensive test coverage and conformation to the latest security principles.

DeFi Integration

Bonding Curves

Voting Systems

EIP Compatibility

Expansive Test Cases & Documentation